Hi guys, it's been a while! I had the most amazing weekend ever, me and my friends are turning 18 this year so we had to celebrate this with a huge party  (pics are coming asap)!

When i started my blog, i promised you guys to post something about my presence at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. My friend, Fleur (for all the dutchies here, you HAVE to check out her blog!) was able to obtain 4 tickets to the fashion show of Sjaak Hullekes on Wednesday January 25. Tine, Charlotte and me were the lucky birds she took with her. We also were very lucky that we had no school that day, so we decided to make a whole trip out of it.  We wandered around Amsterdam all day and here and there we went to eat or drink something. But more about that later!

Sjaak Hullekes opened the Amsterdam Fashion Week. It was a men's fashion show, so that was a very sweet eye candy! When we finally arrived at the location, we were stunned. It looked so beautiful. We walked inside along the red carpet. The carpet leaded us towards a pre-party room where we drank some champaign.

The show started fashionable late, but i enjoyed every single second of it. It was a very beautiful and, definitely, a original show. Herewith,  i want to thank my friend so much for taking me with her!

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  1. Awesome! xoxo

  2. Leuk dat je ook bij de show was.. Ik vond het zelf super cool! Vooral dat een herendesigner nu is de AIFW opende. Heb je je vermaakt?
    Leuke blog heb je trouwens! Ik volg je nu! X

  3. waww you're so lucky, i've never been to this type of event! great pics looks like a fun night :)

  4. Oh, youre so adorable! Keep the work up!

    Probably the most personal Post I've ever written on my Blog "What is an Autoblogger"?

  5. It looks like super chic to be a part of such stylish event!! We looove your blog!! Following you for sure! ;) Perhaps you could drop by for our next bloggers feature? :)

    MLU the blog.

  6. thanks so much for your comment, and lovely photographys you have here, do you wanna follow each other? kisses from portugal**

  7. Ziet er erg leuk uit! Dankje voor je reactie!
    Ik volg je, ...


  8. I envy you for attending such event! Love your blog!! I'd love to see more, so I'm following you now! Hope you can drop by for my new post. ;)

    Hug and kiss kiss,


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  10. Wat leuk dat je daar bent geweest!